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Merry Freaking Christmas! The Joy of EXTREME VIOLENCE Animal Behavior Chick Flicks Take Hits A collection of demented Winter Holiday mayhem!  Featuring MADtv classics Raging Rudolph, The Reinfather, and A Pack of Gifts Now as well as Clops busting Santa and many more - All in full broadcast resolution!  Specify MA-14 or  Adults Only! Ah, isn’t comic violence so much fun?   Forget Tom and Jerry - they never used guns!  A collection of hilarious brutality to satisfy the twisted mind! Cute and fuzzy and oh-so-deranged!  A collection of funny, ferocious four-legged furry freaks and their felonious friends... CLOPS Bad Toys, Bad Toys - Whatcha gonna do?  All 15 segments of the CLOPS 5 episodes in which the clay animated  men of law enforcement bust your favorite animated characters.  “Reality” animation at it’s finest! Holiday Madness!
Your favorite films marketed to women get skewered like the guys’!  Includes classic Chick Flicks Bitanic, Dirty River Dancing, and Pretty Woman II - Runaway Hooker Bride!
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The Joy of Extreme Violence, 60 minutes of murder and mayhem of the stop-mo kind...