This week’s line up includes the wonderful contributions of so many gifted artists in so many capacities from writers and voice-over talent, to puppet fabricators and animators, to miniature prop and set creators, to sound designers and music composers.  If you have contributed to any of the films showcased this week and are not mentioned because of my early onset Alzheimer’s, please remind me!
    The first shout out goes, as always, to the lovely Linda Quakenbush whose talents in all areas in the production of our films enriches them in oh so many ways from costume design to production design.  A most extraordinary artist in her own right, she nonetheless leant her immeasurable talents to our project to make them the award-winning films they are today!
    Also, to the inimitable Timothy Johnson who not only has been able to ad to every aspect of the process from set and prop construction to lighting and animation as well as being Associate Producer on many of the projects at Space Bass Films.
                        Night of Thanksgiving Dead was  written by              
                        the team of Blaine Capatch, Spencer Green and Mary Williams Villano, the funniest people on the planet.  It has been my privilege to produce films from their screenplays for almost 15 years.  Between the three of them, the majority of our best known work, including Raging Rudolph and Clops, were penned by them.  Their work on major network series, specials and special comedy events has always been first rate!  Great sets and props by the extremely talented Todd Smith, Alisa Lapidus, Phil Anderson, sculpts by the amazing Robin Jennings  (who also animated and provided the female voices.  Also animating is the masterful Tim Smyth.  Sound design by Glen Matisoff, music by Gary Lionellli.
                        The Montage of Sex and Violence was the  
                       basis for a pilot presentation for MTV called Ruckus, and it is a who’s who of talented artists through the years who have joined forces with Space Bass to dish out tasty helpings of animated mayhem and licentious glee.  Old timers Kevin Coyle and Roy T. Wood (Ray Waad for short), who got their start in stop motion at Space Bass Studio then went on to shows like The P.J.s and Celebrity Deathmatch among other fine examples of their skills (Roy also directed stop-motion feature Disaster and the classic shorts Star Trak, Wheelchair Rebecca and Foreskin Gump) are represented in several elements from the films made for Fox television series MADtv  Also some sets and puppets by Emmeric Konrad.  
     Also showing their stuff in the Romeo and J-Loet clip in the montage were Christianne Cegavske of auteur of  Blood Tea and Red String, Coraline animator Kevin Glick ( who also animated  Yompi), Brad Palmer, Todd Smith, Alessandro Thompson, and Amanda Visell.  
     Back on centerstage is Robin Jennings with superb sculpts and animation in the Under the Floor and I Am Not Gay clip, as well as the sculpts and female voices of Halloween 7.5.  Alisa Lapidus added her marvelous sculpts to Celebrity Pets - Lenny .  
     The most versatile, highly skilled voice actors brought the message home, particularly Phil Lamarr, Mary Scheer, Aries Spear, Dave Mitchell, Dave Herman, Deborah Wilson, Stephen Stanton and Bryan Cranston.
    Also in the mix were clips from a few shorts co-produced with Jerry Zucker’s National Banana, Thanks to Kevin Hassarud and producers Jason Benesh and Michael Hatch of Dirt Cheap Sound Stage.

Real Police Video  features the work of Todd Smith on Set and Amada Visell and Michelle Valigura on puppets and wardrobe.

The usual gang of Tim Johnson, Kevin Glick, Christianne Cegavske, Simon Lampard and Brad Palmer put it all together in Bibby’s New Boobies, with Lisa Watson voicing Bibby.

Alisa Lapidus did some beautiful animation of Lindsay Lohan’s dog, Chloe!

The Johnson/Cegavske/Glick/Thompson/Visell/Palmer team kicked Madonna’s butt with great parody of “Human Nature” lyrics by Barbara Scott, music by Gary Lionelli.

Lobster Found stars George Brandon and Mike Foley with special appearances by Andrew Ross and Alison Reisel.  “Larry” played by “Eddie.”

And always, a big thanks to my mentors in the business, most notably DP H.J. Brown who taught me how to make a film from the ground up, Kevin S. Bright who first hired me to create animated shorts for prime time, Todd Stevens who encouraged my madness by airing my Space Bass Medicine Hour series over satellite as part of WEIRD TV (alongside the kings of Weirdness Chuck Cirino and Art Maturo), Trevor Groth and John Cooper who have been so kind to have programmed so many of my films into the Sundance Film Festival, and last but certainly not least, Fax Bahr and Adam Small who gave me my biggest break and the freedom to make the shorts for MADtv the way I wanted to with unprecedented creative control - along with the encouragement to try things in stop motion animation that had never been done before.    THANKS TO EVERYONE!