The Space Bass Stop-Motion Academy is pleased to announce the first ever Stop-motion Crash Course!  

In just one weekend you will learn everything you need to know to make a professional quality stop-motion animated film of your own.  

My name is Corky Quakenbush, and I have had a career centered around the creation of stop-motion films.  Whether you are a lover of stop-motion animation who wants to learn how to create all the elements necessary to create a stop-motion film as an art project (like how I started out) or whether you want to create broadcast and theatrical quality stop-motion projects for top tier entertainment outlets like network television, wide release theatrical features, or major web and mobile  content portals (like I eventually moved on to), you will find this full weekend event your chance to gain in-depth knowledge about all aspects of the process from highly accomplished stop-motion artists who are working in the industry today!*

In this two-day workshop, you will learn how to move from script to fully finished stop-motion animated project.  

•	Script breakdown – How to prepare for  your stop-motion production. How many characters must be created or duplicated?  How many sets need to be built and decorated?  Are there any special visual effects?  
•	Voice and the edited guide track. Casting, voice recording, exposure sheets, storyboards and animatics.
•	Puppet fabrication – Character design, armatures, mold making and costuming.
•	Miniature Sets, and Props – Set design, scale, force perspectives, props and practicals
•	Lighting for Stop-motion – tricks and tools, rigging and lighting effects
•	Animation – the 12 Principles of Animation and how they apply to stop-motion
•	On set Effects – Creating illusion in real space
•	Post Production – Editing and digital effects
•	Sound design – Sound effects, music, foley, and the Mix
•	Distribution – Screenings, Film Festivals, television, and the web as well as mobile

*Guest speakers to be announced.
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